At THE/GSC we believe projects that begin well will complete well.

To make this principle a reality, we effectively do our homework and ask the right questions at the beginning of the projects inception to get to the heart of our clients’ desires. Our team endeavors to predict any potential problems and use their industry expertise to mitigate them.

Pre-construction at THE/GSC starts with these services:

  • Accurate ROM & Budget Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Due Diligence Site Specific Review and Survey
  • Schematic Design and Coordination
  • Project Scheduling
  • Design Development to Construction Documents
  • Three-Dimensional Building Information Modeling


THE/GSC is built upon a foundation of strong management fundamentals that are enhanced by our efficient management teams. We tackle every challenge head-on, creating an opportunity out of an obstacle is what sets us apart from the average contractor equipment vendor.

Our teams are creative, accountable, energetic and easy to work with. All of our project management equipment teams are well-versed in using the leading construction management tools to ensure that the project and our clients needs are satisfied and that our mutual goals are met.

  • Suretrac
  • Microsoft Project
  • American Contractor
  • Xora


Clear, timely, effective communication and collaboration are necessary for success when our design/build/equipment and construction teams are endeavoring for the perfect results in high-pressure circumstances. We’ve found that the success of the project hinges on the quality of the communication between our teams and the clients’ team members.

THE/GSC superintendents and installers are equipped with the leading edge technology – laptops, Microsoft Surface Pro tablets and smart phones – to help them communicate from the field with the design and client team efficiently. We are committed to our clients and their projects in the highest standards because when it comes to their project, there’s no room for surprises.


Accurate cost/budget updates are crucial elements in THE/GSC’S successful project management style.

Our project team uses Maxwell Systems and customized Excel spreadsheets to monitor the project budget and ongoing costs. These are both cloud based and also remotely accessible for convenient and 24 hour use.  This budget reporting can be customized into project–specific formats.

With these tools available, you can be assured that your project budget will always be accurate, reliable and up-to-date.


Like cost control, detailed quality control is a product of expertise, proactive planning and high expectations.

Every THE/GSC project begins with a clear analysis and goal to determine how to fulfill quality demands while staying on budget and in schedule. Our project managers demand quality, safety, and highly detailed work at every stage in the development of the project.  Every THE/GSC superintendent and installer is held to the highest quality standards and strive for a zero punch list on every project.